most awkwardest (thisquietcity) wrote in tshirt_surgery,
most awkwardest

Surgery advice needed!

So I know this is t-shirt surgery...but maybe some of you here have lapsed into pants surgery as well, as I have... 

So I bought a great pair of pin-stripe jeans the other day for $8 (yesssss, post-holidays clearance!).  I love them, but they're a little low-rise for my taste.  I know it makes me sound like a prude, but I just have an irrational fear of my butt-crack showing. 

Does anyone have some advice or ideas for how to make jeans slightly less low-rise?  I was thinking of transplanting parts from an old pair of black jeans, somehow adding a band of fabric and adding another button...?  I have a sewing machine (and heavy-duty needles for denim). 
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