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Perhaps not so unusual?

Dear Rocket T-shirt Surgery patrons:

For years I have had this T-shirt that I've wanted to wear out clubbing, but it didn't fit properly. I knew what I wanted to do with it, but the material is not the highest of quality and the shirt itself is nigh irreplaceable now. So, if I messed up in my experiment, I would be a sad SPOOn.

Unfortunately I seem to have the opposite problem that most TSS techniques solve: My shirt is too small and I would like it to be bigger.

I've already taken all of the seams out in hopes that I could put in Fishnet panels and sleeves, but as I was pinning that together I realized it would not be the best fix. I considered Tshirt panels, but again the material in question is quite chinsy compared to the fabric I have.

Here you can see it up against a camisole that fits me fine, with an XL Unisex T behind that.

So... What would you do?

Thanks for your time!
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