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tons of tshirts, no sewing machine! *lame*

first time poster...

i have a issue on my hands...

i have tons of (like 30+) t-shirts in my closet that i don't wear anymore (i went working a "mall" job to a "professional" office job) but i would like to do things to/with but since i don't have a sewing machine, it makes it tough/ long to do a project of any kind. does anyone have any ideas for easy hand sewing re-con ideas? i don't want to trash these shirts but putting them up on craigslist or ebay might be the end route.

thanks a bunch.

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stamp them
you can find stamps at craft stores and use fabric paint.
You could make a blanket out of em... cut the logos into large squares, and then clip about 2 inches in all around the edges to make little strips. Tie the squares together. Then, get a piece of fleece the size of the finished quilt top, and cut strips all around the edges. Then, tie the top to the fleece.

I wanted to do something like this when I had 30+ XL shirts stuck in my closet after I lost 102 pounds... but then I started cutting them up and making new shirts instead. :)
2) Sounds like tshirt heaven!
My best suggestion and advice would be to save up for a sewing machine. I just got one and started using it today and LOVE it!
i posted a butt ton of love over here:

or, just search flickr for "tshirt recon" or "no-sew"